Ep. 33: Alex !





Alex Podcast


Welcome back to a NEW episode. I bring to you one of my most loyal listeners from my start; Alex Aguilar. We were in the mists of our Family’s July 4th get-together while we recorded at the “You Don’t Say Studio West” or “The Cabin” as I like to say. Alex loves music and truly digs my buddies from the band Pudge as you will hear. Alex is the son of my cousin Nicole and his Aunt Cassie Olson was one of my first guests which I’m quite proud of. Alex loves his family, Duck Dynasty, a fine Polka and a good time. As you will listen Alex is a connoisseur of weather and the news and was excited to be a part of the show. I’m mighty glad to have had the time with Alex as well as the remainder of the weekend. Listen in on our thoughts and insight spread the love!


4 thoughts on “Ep. 33: Alex !

  1. Nicole Olson says:

    Thank you again Kris!!!!!! This is quite perfect LOL!!!!

  2. Jeannette Olson says:

    This is the cutest Podcast … Alex is obviously thrilled to be a guest … love this!! 🙂

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