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Podcast: Episode 18 Christmascast

securedownloadHappy Holidays folks!This episode recorded from the You Don’t Say? “North Studio” of Brad Krause’s place during Brad’s 13th Annual Holiday Party.
We have a nice “round table” session talking about the holidays, growing up, liquor, beer and football!.The drinks are heard in the background and we rip each others High School Alma Maters, discuss #12 of the Green Bay team, The 3rd NFL Conference, Eddie “The Hammer”, rifles, guns, GB Football and Chris Nowak essentially calls out what happened in Week 17 of Pro Football.

I, Brad Krause, Chris Nowak, James Daggs and Joe Z all chime in and a vast cast of vagina’s stop by to say hi.

Happy Holidays from the entire You Don’t Say? staff!

Podcast: Episode 17 Greg Willett

WillettBack with a new episode! This round I bring to you one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet and know. A full fledged Antique Master, picker extraordinaire and a damn fine comedian Mr. Greg Willett.

Greg shares with us his story of how he got into the antique biz and his career doing stand-up comedy.
This man knows just about a bit of everything and I had a blast, as always, getting to sit down and chat with Greg.
Special thanks to Greg for his time and insight and my friends Steve Heiner and the band Pudge for the music this round.
Give us a listen and enjoy!