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Podcast: Episode 16 Mike Merryfield

MerryfieldPart two with comedian Mike Merryfield. Mike and I discuss where he’s sees the art of Stand Up going, how he handles life on the road and Mike shares with us some of his influences. Many thanks again to Mike as I had a blast with this and I hope you do too.


Podcast: Episode 15 Mike Merryfield

MerryfieldThis episode I bring to you one of the individuals that fueled my drive to start a podcast, the always funny and great Mike Merryfield.

Mike is a 16 year vet to the art of Stand-Up comedy. Mike has toured the U.S. and beyond while becoming one of the most respected comics in the biz. Mike was the winner of Comcast’s Season 3 Trial by Laughter. He is one of the original “Lucky 21″of the HBO Comedy festival featured on the TBS network. You can hear Mike on Sirius XM Radio and on his podcast “Irrelevant with Mike Merryfield”.

Mike was kind enough to sit down with me as we discuss Mike’s journey in comedy, the many similarities he and I share and what it is like to be a touring comedian. Recorded at the awesome “Irrelevant Studio”!

A very special thanks to Mike and go check him out soon! I hope you all enjoy as this two part episode made my year.


Podcast: Episode 14 Facebook/Twittercast

Bad SantaI’m back and good to be back! Back to say thanks to all of the listeners and past guests.

This time around I give you the kudos you deserve as listeners and we have an Open House of questions from Twitter and Facebook.

We discuss magic, Santa, the WNBA and wiping your ass with your non-dominant hand. Thanks to Potsie McGill, Chelsea Montag, BK and Krains Butter for chiming in as Tina Lady Friend and I chat and discuss 2013 and what’s a brew for 2014.

Many thanks to you all and keep listening! Big episodes to come! Music this round from Confidence Game and Pudge.

Keep the feedback coming and hope you enjoy!