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Ep 56: Johnny Beehner

Beehner Suit


He’s back! I bring to you the return of Johnny Beehner! Johnny was working at the Skyline Comedy Cafe this week and he was kind enough to sit down with me again. Fresh off his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Johnny stops by to talk comedy, TV, kids, moving he and his family to Los Angeles and living under bridges. This was a blast and I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Many thanks to Johnny for his time and best wishes to his continued success. Now give us a listen, review share and repeat!


Writing Words

It’s been a while and I apologize. My intent is to write more within this blog and I will start to do so. A lot of things brewing these days, which can be good (I hope). Thanks for reading and thanks you for staying in tune. More to come! Thanks!

Ep. 55: John Egan

Egan Skyline  1


This episode I sit down with comedian John Egan. John was kind enough to saddle into the studio to talk comedy, writing, Improv, what’s in my freezer and discuss John’s famous One Take Food Reviews. We strike a common cord when the subject of child bullying comes up and we let you know right where we stand. I met John a few years ago and I always enjoy hearing what’s on his mind, watching him perform, progress and getting a chance to work with him when I can. I had fun with this episode and I hope you do too. Many thanks to John for his time and see him when you can! Now listen, review, share and repeat. Enjoy




Ep. 54: Rick Wood



I was fortunate enough to have comedian Rick Wood stop by the “studio” for a chat. Rick moved to Los Angeles three years ago after starting stand-up in Wisconsin. We talk about Rick’s travels in life, comedy, writing, stupid Yelp reviews and the lack of water in California. I had a great time with this one & I hope to have Rick back again. Many thanks to Rick for his time and insight. Now listen, review, share and repeat. Enjoy!



Ep. 53: Guest Host Tom Poulsen



My good friend Tom Poulsen grabs the mic this episode as the first official Guest Host! Tom sets the stage with insight and an interview that delivers the hard hitting questions and answers of the day. Tom has a nice give-a-way for the listeners with comments so feel free to send the feedback. Special thanks to Tom for stepping in for me, as well as for his drive and moxie. Now listen, review and repeat. Enjoy!