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Ep. 31: Johnny Beehner

Beehner Skyline


This episode I bring to you the one and the only Johnny Beehner! Johnny was kind enough to stop by to record with me during his dates at the Skyline Comedy Cafe. Johnny and I talk comedy, kids, superhero’s, traveling, podcast’s and we name drop a ton with a few stories. Johnny is a class act guy and is super great to talk to. I had a blast with this one and I hope you do too. Many thanks to Johnny for the time and catch him near you soon. Now get to listening and review, subscribe and enjoy!


Ep. 30: Rob Brackenridge




I had the pleasure of getting the time and insight from the always friendly and funny comedian Mr. Rob Brackenridge. Rob opens up about his life within and around 27 years of Stand-Up Comedy experience and sheds light on being a part of his various travels and work. Born in raised in our hometown of Appleton, WI Rob expands on his time growing up, his moves to Minneapolis and Los Angeles and what it’s like to be within the LA Comedy scene. Rob and I verbally stroke our friends Mike Merryfield and Steve Hartman a tad and we discuss their adjoined venture of “The Cheese Balls Comedy Tour” as well as our thoughts around the future of Stand-Up Comedy. Many thanks to Rob for the time and thoughts. This one is a MUST LISTEN comedian friends! Please give us a listen and then review, repeat and enjoy!


Ep. 29: Miller Park Prospects

BK MPPBack with another episode, we’re talking baseball with Miller Park Prospects head man Brad Krause. Brad and I go way back and this time around we talk about Brad’s project and beloved labor of love: Miller Park Prospects. We dive into the 2014 Spring Training, which Brad attended in Arizona, all of the Milwaukee affiliated minor league clubs and we dissect the latest MPP release of their Top 25 prospects list and the upcoming draft. Many congrats to Brad on his work, dedication and friendship throughout the years. More to come with Brad and MPP in future episodes, but for now, listen, review and repeat. Enjoy!

Ep. 28: Steve Hartman

Steve Hartman

Welcome back! I sit down this session with comedian Steve Hartman. Steve is a very funny guy who has an interesting story of his life as well as an amazing outlook on life at the same time. We discuss how Steve got started in comedy, some of his favorite places to work and whats in store in the future. Many thanks to Steve for his time, thoughts and his continued support and insight. Catch Steve near you soon! Give us a listen, share and enjoy!


Ep. 27: Simon Zais



I had the pleasure of working with and talking to comedian Simon Zias! Simon is a great young comic, on his way to New York City who is a blast to talk to and a pleasure to work with. Listen to Simon and I discuss comedy and his amazing and interesting life. We recorded and then had some pipe time in my backyard. Many thanks to the Skyline Comedy Cafe for our weekend and many thanks for listening. Spread the word and enjoy!