Monthly Archives: August 2013

Podcast: Episode 6 Pudge

photoWe bring to you this episode the band of brother’s Pudge:¬†Andy and Tony McNamara. We discuss their album release, some insight on what it’s like to be raise a McNamara and likes and dislikes of music. The snap of the fella’s beer cans crack in the background as we give to you their story.

Check out their album on iTunes “Closer To You” and give them a look on Facebook. Enjoy!

Podcast: Episode 5 Jennifer McIntosh

KO & JenHowdy-Do!

This episode of You Don’t Say? we have my pal, my editor and my sister Jennifer McIntosh. We discuss your feedback to me, NPR radio, Jen’s teachings of Communications, various dips we enjoy and the various Buick’s we’ve owned.

We chat about our kids and some stories of the two of us growing up together. I get a bit choked up by no “Cry Cast” this round folks!!

Music brought to us by the always stellar band Pudge! Give it a listen and enjoy!