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Ep. 22: Dave Landau and Mike Merryfield

Mike and Dave Pic

I had the distinct privilege to sit down with comedians Dave Landau and Mike Merryfield at the Irrelevant Studio. Dave and Mike have just begun their “Un-Civil Union Comedy Tour” together and both are at the top of their games. Dave and Mike shed light on the art of comedy, we listen to Bernie Mac and Dave discusses his recently completed movie. Special thanks to Dave for the time and big thanks to Mike for his continued help and insight. Mike and I have simulcasted this episode so you can hear this as well on Mike’s podcast “Irrelevant Radio” on iTunes. Catch the “Un-Civil Union Comedy Tour” of Dave and Mike near you! You will NEVER watch “Boyz in the Hood” without thinking of Dave and Mike again, due with major thanks to “Beth and Rose”. Thanks  for listening and spread the word!