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Ep. 63: Reverend Norb


Through the 1980’s, into the 2000’s and still today, Reverend Norb has been the front man for many great Punk bands. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Norb to discuss his life, music, his appearance on the Jenny Jones Show and more. Many thanks to Reverend Norb for his time. Now listen, share & repeat!





Ep. 62: Christopher Gold

Chris Gold


Musician Christopher Gold was kind enough to stop by, sit down and discuss with me his life, his music and what he has in store coming up. His new album “Don’t Get Lonesome” is available now. Listen on on Mr. Gold’s endeavors, projects and where you can get the album. Many thanks to Christopher for his music and his time. The song “The Great Divide” is featured. Now listen, share, repeat and enjoy!

Ep. 61: Alex!



Alex & Kyle

Alex returns! My beloved listener is back as Kyle sits in as we talk family, summer, fun and farts. Listen and share the love!