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Ep. 44: Joshua Jackson and Brian West


Josh Jackson


I sit down with lover, fighter, writer, comedian Joshua Jackson. I met Joshua through doing a few shows with him and he’s always great to chat with, so this time we hit record. Joshua has had an interesting life and he sheds some light on his life as well as whats to come. Joshua’s side-man Brian “Wolf Whitman” West sits down with as as well. We discuss writing, comedy, fighting, Ebola and what makes a person never give up. Recorded at the Green Room Lounge in DePere, WI. Give a listen and spread the word. Many thanks to Joshua and Brian for the time as well as the Green Room and staff for their great work and venue. Catch Joshua on a stage near you. Now listen, share and repeat. Enjoy!


Ep. 43: Lo DoubleT

Lo Double T

I was able to sit down with Rap Rocker Lo Double T. He spills the story of his music, his life, being a bad ass Ginger and a number of his current projects. We were introduced by good old mutual friend Andrew McNamara who sits on with us as we chat. Listen in on some show dates and of Lo Double T’s liking of bourbon. *Note: The last track we play is God Bless the The Children of the Beast. This was a fun one and we hope you enjoy. Now listen, review, share and enjoy!