Ep. 87: Tucker Diedrich


After 3 years and 86 previous episodes it happened! Comedian Tucker Diedrich & I sat down to talk comedy, writing and baseball. Tucker is a huge baseball fan and a great comic who I always enjoy working with. We chat and name drop a pile about our local/sate comedy scene and how great it is as well as our travels. many thanks to Tucker for his time. We hope you enjoy. Now listen, share, review and repeat.




Ep. 86: Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson

Comedian Travis Nelson stops by the studio to talk comedy, travel & relationships. Travis is from Seattle, WA and I had a great time meeting and talking to him. I hope you enjoy as much as I have.  Now Listen, share, review, repeat and enjoy!





Ep. 85: Me and I

I discuss current events and the on-goings of my friends.


Ep. 80: Sammy Arechar & Johnny Beehner

Sammy & Beehner

A cavalcade of comedy folks! I chat comedy, life, dogs & Mad Libs with comedians Sammy Arechar & Johnny Beehner. Both getting their comedic starts in Milwaukee, WI; Sammy shares his recent move to Chicago & Johnny updates us on he & family now living in Los Angeles. I had a great time with these guys & hope to sit see them again soon. We hope you enjoy. Now listen, share, review & repeat!


Ep. 79: Johnny Beehner

Mr. Beehner stops by for his 3rd visit & time on the show! We had a blast & we hope you do as well. Many thanks to Johnny for his time. Now listen, share, review & repeat!


Ep.78: Sammy Arechar

I have great conversation with comedian Sammy Arechar. Many thanks to Sammy for his time! Listen, share, review and repeat!

Ep. 77: Emily Galati


I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking comedy, writing, Last Comic Standing and the weather with comedian Emily Galati. Emily is hilarious and a blast to chat with. Many thanks to Emily for her time and please catch a show of her’s when she is near you. Now listen, share and repeat. Thanks!