Ep. 22: Dave Landau and Mike Merryfield

Mike and Dave Pic

I had the distinct privilege to sit down with comedians Dave Landau and Mike Merryfield at the Irrelevant Studio. Dave and Mike have just begun their “Un-Civil Union Comedy Tour” together and both are at the top of their games. Dave and Mike shed light on the art of comedy, we listen to Bernie Mac and Dave discusses his recently completed movie. Special thanks to Dave for the time and big thanks to Mike for his continued help and insight. Mike and I have simulcasted this episode so you can hear this as well on Mike’s podcast “Irrelevant Radio” on iTunes. Catch the “Un-Civil Union Comedy Tour” of Dave and Mike near you! You will NEVER watch “Boyz in the Hood” without thinking of Dave and Mike again, due with major thanks to “Beth and Rose”. Thanks  for listening and spread the word!


Episode 100: Dave Landau


We have hit 100! I sit down and chat with our good friend Dave Landau. It’s Dave’s 4th Sit In on the show. Fresh off his Comedy Central “This Is Not Happening” episode and his now 3rd Mic seat on the Artie & Anthony Compound Media Show Mon-Thurs 4-6 EST. Dave and I talk comedy, life and colostomy bags. I cannot be more happy for Dave’s success & friendship. Now: Listen, Like, Share and repeat!




Episode 99: Sean Patrick Moore

Sean P. Moore

This time around I sit down with comedian Sean Patrick Moore. I met Sean when I first started Stand-Up and he is always a blast to hang and chat with. Give us a listen on our discussion of life stories and comedy. Like, Share, Love and repeat.

Episode 98: Nathan Metz & Jake Schoen

Nate & Jake

I bring to you “The Boys”! Nathan Metz & Jake Schoen are two young comics who I have the privilege to call friends. I’m old enough to be their Fathers but that doesn’t stop us from helping each other write jokes, rip on each other and give worldly advise to strangers who call security on us. Big things are to come from Nate and Jake and I hope you enjoy!

Ep. 93: Jeff Oskay


I sit down with comedian Jeff Oskay! Jeff and I were working in Milwaukee, WI with our pal Dave Landau and we sat down and hit record. Jeff is a writer on the Bob & Tom Radio Show and hails from Indianapolis. Check out Jeff when he is near you and catchi his album “Dream Killer” on iTunes. Now listen, share, enjoy and repeat!

Ep. 92: Shane Mauss


I bring to you Comedian Shane Mauss! Shane is in the midst of his 100+ city tour of his show “A Good Trip”. You have likely seen Shane per his Comedy Central Special, his Netflix special “Mating Season” or heard him on his podcast “Here We Are” as well as Marc Marons’ “WTF” and many more. My buddy Potsie McGill joins me as we talk with Shane about his tour, psychedelics, arts and comedy. Many thanks to Shane for his time and check he and his show out when he is near you. Now listen, share, enjoy and repeat!


Ep. 91 The “Hunt Cast” with Alex!


Time for the annual Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunt “HuntCast”. My loyal listener Alex Aguilar sits in with me to chat with family and fish as we prep for our annual Deer Hunt. Listen, Share and repeat! Enjoy!


Ep. 90: Mike Merryfield



Comedian Mike Merryfield and I, drinking beer in a hotel room with the bathroom fan left on; post-show. This one is swell! Special thanks to Piggy’s in LaCrosse, WI and to Mike for his time. Now listen, share and repeat. Thanks!

Ep. 88: Mike O’Keefe & Trevor Smith

IMG_5752 (1)Comedians Mike O’Keefe & Trevor Smith stopped by to talk comedy, water, Wrestling, football, classic country music and “Oooooo”. Mike and Trevor started comedy together in Michigan. Mike talks about his time in Chicago and Trevor gives us some insight to Los Angeles. Many thanks to Mike & Trevor for their time and please see them when you can. Now listen, share, review and repeat!