Ep. 25: Matt Hinz



My good friend Matt Hinz sits down with me during the NCAA Basketball opening weekend to chat about basketball and  baseball. Matt is a big Brewers fan and we get Matt’s take on the upcoming season. More to come with Matt as a guest again soon. Give us a listen and enjoy.


Ep. 24: Dan Andraschko


Over the Friday Basketball Spectacular Dan Andraschko joins me and we talk how we met and we talk NCAA basketball.

Ep. 23: Kevin Welker


I’m back and Episode 23 gives us insight LIVE on the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament pairings with an “in progress” commentary on the bracket layout with I and my good friend Kevin Welker.

Kevin is an Appleton, WI staple and he and his family have become great friends to me.  We discuss the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball parings as they are announced, our thoughts on the match ups and how Kevin had a part in saving my leg and perhaps my life a year ago.

Kevin is a great fan all sports and loves golf as we touch in on his annual Masters Party, which is invite only. This sh*t is bigger than the Oscars or ESPY’s!! (Yes, I have an invite). Listen on our thoughts and we hope you enjoy. Thanks to Kevin for the time and to Pudge and Steve Allen for the tunes! Enjoy!

Episode 21: Pudge “Closer to You”


photo (1)

We are back with the always fun and great band Pudge in full! Andy, Tony and Tom McNamara sit down with me to discuss their album “Closer to You”. We hear from the band how the album was recorded, put together, some scheduled show dates and a few stories of the fella’s on goings. We had a great time recording this and check them out on Facebook and grab their album “Closer to You” on iTunes or at a record store near you. Listen for our surprise giveaway for your chance to win something sweet! Special thanks to Andy, Tony and Tom for sitting down with me. Enjoy!


Episode 20: Me, Myself and I

I’m back! My guest didn’t show so here is some new info on me, myself and I. This episode is brought to you by State Farm Insurance agent Mike Sacotte http://www.mikesacotte.com

Some stellar episodes on on the way. Thanks for listening!


Podcast: Episode 19 (College BBall Roundtable)

BBCastWe’re back with a new installment just at the start of the NCAA College Basketball season. I sit down with former UWGB player and a great friend of mine James Daggs aka JD!

JD, Chris Nowak, BK, Tommy P., Hyme and Joe Z sit down to discuss College Basketball.
We bring up student and high school athletes, their struggles with expectations and how we have struggle as coaches. We pimp Division II schools and Recorded at the North Studio and we sing a tribute to our favorite band “Sexual Chocolate”.
I always have a great time with these guys and we had a fantastic chat and discussion.
We destroyed BK’s buffalo chicken dip after the mics shut off as his dip is bad ass.
Enjoy the season as well as this episode!

Podcast: Episode 18 (Christmascast)

securedownloadHappy Holidays folks!This episode recorded from the You Don’t Say? “North Studio” of Brad Krause’s place during Brad’s 13th Annual Holiday Party.
We have a nice “round table” session talking about the holidays, growing up, liquor, beer and football!.

The drinks are heard in the background and we rip each others High School Alma Maters, discuss #12 of the Green Bay team, The 3rd NFL Conference, Eddie “The Hammer”, rifles, guns, GB Football and Chris Nowak essentially calls out what happened in Week 17 of Pro Football.

I, Brad Krause, Chris Nowak, James Daggs and Joe Z all chime in and a vast cast of vagina’s stop by to say hi.

Happy Holidays from the entire You Don’t Say? staff!

Podcast: Episode 17 (Greg Willett)

WillettBack with a new episode! This round I bring to you one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet and know. A full fledged Antique Master, picker extraordinaire and a damn fine comedian Mr. Greg Willett.

Greg shares with us his story of how he got into the antique biz and his career doing stand-up comedy.
This man knows just about a bit of everything and I had a blast, as always, getting to sit down and chat with Greg.
Special thanks to Greg for his time and insight and my friends Steve Heiner and the band Pudge for the music this round.
Give us a listen and enjoy!

Podcast: Episode 16 (Mike Merryfield)

MerryfieldPart two with comedian Mike Merryfield. Mike and I discuss where he’s sees the art of Stand Up going, how he handles life on the road and Mike shares with us some of his influences. Many thanks again to Mike as I had a blast with this and I hope you do too.


Podcast: Episode 15 (Mike Merryfield)

MerryfieldThis episode I bring to you one of the individuals that fueled my drive to start a podcast, the always funny and great Mike Merryfield.

Mike is a 16 year vet to the art of Stand-Up comedy. Mike has toured the U.S. and beyond while becoming one of the most respected comics in the biz. Mike was the winner of Comcast’s Season 3 Trial by Laughter. He is one of the original “Lucky 21″of the HBO Comedy festival featured on the TBS network. You can hear Mike on Sirius XM Radio and on his podcast “Irrelevant with Mike Merryfield”.

Mike was kind enough to sit down with me as we discuss Mike’s journey in comedy, the many similarities he and I share and what it is like to be a touring comedian. Recorded at the awesome “Irrelevant Studio”!

A very special thanks to Mike and go check him out soon! I hope you all enjoy as this two part episode made my year.



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